The Box / Journey into Terror por Peter Rabe

The Box / Journey into Terror
Titulo del libro : The Box / Journey into Terror
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 22, 2013
Autor : Peter Rabe
Número de páginas : 316
ISBN : 096678488X
Editor : Stark House Press

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Peter Rabe con The Box / Journey into Terror

Páginas: 316 Géneros: 12:FH:Thriller / suspense 12:0:0 Sinopsis: THE BOX  , Quinn thought he had all the angles figured. After all, taking over the Organization should be a piece of cake for such a smart guy. But what he didn',t figure was that boss Ryder would stuff him in a large crate with enough water and food to sustain him&mdash,and ship him around the world. , When the freighter ports at the North African town of Okar, the captain of the boat decides its time to unload the box. It',s starting to make noises, and it smells bad. What emerges from this wooden coffin looks barely human. But once Quinn recovers, he starts to look around. Is this a new chance at life, or an opportunity to cash in on another racket, halfway around the world? ,  ,  , JOURNEY INTO TERROR  , There was a robbery that went bad and a girl was accidentally shot dead. Just an accident. But to John Bunting, it was the end of all his hopes. , The girl was his fiancé,. , What could he do? , The cops weren',t looking. , He had to find the killers himself. , And that',s when he ran into Linda. , She had lost her husband, had stopped caring. , But she knew the men responsible for the killing. She could get Bunting close to them while he figured out who fired the actual shot. They were two wounded souls, one filled with hate, the other trying to find a reason to live. It',s funny how much they needed each other. ,_,