The Everyman Chesterton por G K Chesterton

The Everyman Chesterton
Titulo del libro : The Everyman Chesterton
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 25, 2011
Autor : G K Chesterton
Número de páginas : 952
ISBN : 1841593370
Editor : Everyman

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G K Chesterton con The Everyman Chesterton

HardCover Pub Date: 2011 Publisher: Everyman Included here are some of the well-loved Father own detective stories. Surely among the best in the genre and a range of poetry. Serious and light-hearted - Chesterton wrote some of the best nonsense and satirical verse in the language. The main bias of the selection. however. will be towards his non-fictional prose. where. Dr Ker argues. his real greatness lies. In that sense he is the successor of the great Victorian 'Sages'. Carlyle. Arnold. Ruskin and Newman. Selections will be made from his studies of Victorian literature (particularly his classic essays on Dickens. originally published by Everyman). his critical biographies of St Francis of Assisi. St Thomas Aquinas and William Cobbett